Food Photography|Found Kitchen and Social House.

I love photographing the food at Found Kitchen and Social house. They have such a fantastic atmosphere, with their mix-matched furniture, that gives my photos a little extra punch. Found delivers a bohemian, well-traveled feel, and when the food comes, the dish is always a carefully thought out masterpiece of taste and color. Chef Nicole Pederson and owner Amy Morton are the perfect pair in offering a unique culinary experience. It is {of course} an honor to work with each of them every time I get to pop in! You should make a reservation tonight. IMG_8519 IMG_8516 IMG_8510 IMG_8501 IMG_8491 IMG_8488 IMG_8467 IMG_8466 IMG_8458 IMG_8457 IMG_8456 IMG_8451 IMG_8444 IMG_8443 IMG_8433 IMG_8429 IMG_8421 IMG_8419 IMG_8411 IMG_8405 IMG_8402 IMG_8400 IMG_8384 IMG_8377 IMG_8363 IMG_8358

Check out the menu at Found Kitchen and Social House!

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