Bio: Meet Christina Slaton, a Chicago based photographer who travels frequently on assignment, exploring the territory of food, lifestyle, and event photography. I am constantly looking to push the boundaries of photography using innovative methods. I have my own way of seeing life through a camera. I am a romantic, a dreamer, and a lover of all things healthy, whether it be food or lifestyle, and you can throw a little fashion in there as well! I am recently engaged, and will be getting married on June 13, 2015 to just about the most ridiculously intelligent and handsome man. We have an English Bulldog named Martin The Moose! Right now my current focus is building my career in Chicago, as I moved here in May, 2013 from the fantastic land of Indianapolis! Getting to know the city of Chicago has been such a fabulously chic experience. Through this blog, you can follow my experiences, make a Chicago to-do list, and look at my portfolio as living proof of my passion for life and photography!


  1. Hi there,
    I am looking for a photographer to take pics for my website. The website is being finished and I have seen your pics from cedar and rush blog. I live in the Gold Coast in Chicago and was seeing your availability, pricing, etc.. Check out my instagram:) You take great pics!
    Thank you!

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